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Expert Witness Reports

These reports are used during legal challenges, typically matrimonial disputes or housing disrepair claims against landlords.  

Our reports are part 35 Civil Procedure Rules and Part 25 Family Procedure Rules compliant and we are a Registered Expert Witness of Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, we have been formally assessed and qualified to rigorous RICS standards, this means:

  • We have been recognised by RICS as experts in our subject fields and in our duties to court and to clients

  • We understand and comply with RICS practice statements, ethics and guidance for expert witnesses, keeping up to date on law and practice

We specialise in:

  • Housing disrepair claims representing the tenant or landlord in cases which are usually brought under the following acts of law: Housing Act 2004,  Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 and Fitness for Human Habitation Act 2018.

  • Valuation of residential property for use in matrimonial disputes 

Turnkey Chartered Surveyors - Expert Witness Reports
Turnkey Chartered Surveyors - Expert Witness Reports
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