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Single Defect Surveys

A single defect survey focuses on a specific problem, suspected defect or request identified by the client, a previous mortgage valuation, Level 2 Homebuyers Report or Level 3 Building Survey Report. 

This service aims to diagnose the defect or identify a potential problem and advises on the next steps to resolve or manage the issue.
Our inspection and reports are independent, we do not carry out remedial work therefore we have no conflict of interest in the result of the diagnosis.   We aim to give you our opinion on the most probable cause of the defect. 
This service is aimed at a single defect so it can be more appropriate and economical for the client rather than a full Building Survey or Homebuyers Report.   

Example of single defect surveys: 

  • Structural defects such as cracking and building movement

  • Dampness issues

Structural Damage-min.jpeg

Wall Cracking



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